An ode to escape room games: virtual and live

An ode to escape room games: virtual and liveAn ode to escape room games: virtual and liveAn ode to escape room games: virtual and live

About Me

All the puzzles, please!

I love puzzles - puzzles of all shapes, sizes, and level of complexity.

I tried my first escape room in Denver in 2016 - with a birthday gathering of friends.  I thought it was an absolute BLAST, but it would be several years before I found someone who was willing to go to them nearly every weekend with me.  After I had completed about two dozen rooms, I decided it was probably time to keep track.  So now, like any true escape nerd - I keep a spreadsheet of my adventures.  That spreadsheet has now grown to include rooms I would like to visit, including my new goal of getting to rooms in other countries.

Since I don't travel for work, it has been difficult to travel to other locations to complete rooms.  Enter: COVID-19 and the Virtual Live Escape Room.  During this time of potential boredom, loneliness, and stagnation has emerged a way to play rooms across the world.  This has been a phenomenal way to virtually meet escape room companies in far away places and hear their recommendations of other locations to play.  To escape room owners: I hope you will keep up the virtual option long after things return to normal.  This can be an easy way to keep your rooms filled at 'off-times' in your own time zone and serve as advertising for us to visit in person, if we should ever make it to your location.

My favorite way to complete an escape room is with only 2 people.  That's right, I don't want the large group, I want to be involved in as many of the puzzles as possible.  So far, I have only come across two rooms that could not physically be completed with less than 3 players.  One of those rooms was kind enough to accommodate us (just flipped a switch after they saw that we understood the concept of what to do) and the other - told us it simply couldn't be done.  Lame.

So...why me?  I am an engineer.  When I was a child, my parents gave me tons of puzzle books and computer programs (probably so they wouldn't have to entertain me 24/7).  I have grown up with a need for this mental challenge.   Bring on the puzzles!!

New rooms

I'm trying multiple new escape rooms weekly - so check back for updates!